We are the cluster of hi-tech startups, mechanical engineers, designers, factories and experts. We want our knowledge and experience to serve others bringing them on a rapid learning curve on technology development.

We invest in projects with a global mindset that we can add value to. We seek for ambitious teams and/or Founders. Unlike other fundraising organizations we actively engage ourselves in technology issues and business operations on a daily basis. We deliver competencies and know-how in prototype building and design for manufacturing, IP law, legal issues, team building and management, bringing core partners for scaling with no cost for the Founder(s).
We aim at projects from a number of fields of activity that we can add value to, for example:
Mechanics, machine design and robotics
Internet of things (hardware + software development)
Autonomous mobile systems (land, air, sea)
Energy systems and storage
Environmentally safe technologies for agriculture evolution
Additive manufacturing technologies
Electric powertrain applications and charge management systems
Virtual Reality and Extended Reality technologies
... your field?
together we make
things happen
Why Innovation has to be hosted actively and why even great projects can fail?
Why Innovation has to be hosted actively and why even great projects can fail?
Lack of a proper team onboard to drive the project towards success

Lack of expertise in handling challenges in areas outside the core competence of business Founder

Lack of expertise and legal practice to handle business navigation

Lack of experience in project management

Lack of expertise in Intellectual property management

Lack of proper partner network for growth acceleration

Lack of funds for pre seed phase

Lack of funds for seed / startup phase

Lack of expertise in market evaluation

Lack of knowledge on how to build MVP and develop innovation

Lack of expertise on funding rounds and delivering milestones discipline

Lack of experience in Design For Manufacturing and Client delivery
Key to success : in above areas we bring effective value for our startups. We work with our portfolio on day-by-day basis. Together we make things happen.
Our portfolio
is constantly
Unique products for marine industry utilizing an invention of “NOA DRIVE” that imitates squid animals. NOA makes ocean propulsion technologies clean and effective.

Home appliances for easy preservation of human health.

Rubbee makes your bike electric in a matter of seconds!

Battery Pal
effective solutions for extending Li-Ion battery life

We have established the FUND with the need to develop a new quality in the technology commercialization environment that is based on the synergy of technical knowledge and humanistic values.

Do you have an ambitious project, idea or already a company with traction?

You seek for partners that will help you face technical and business challenges?

You have a global mindset?
Be brave...drop us a line:
Give us a call:
+48 501 184 981
Aktywator Innowacji Sp. z o.o.
ul. Szlak 77/222
31-153 Kraków

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